Monday, April 12, 2021


I watched the first 32 minutes of this last night.  Cutting to the chase, a soldier is stopped by police for failure to display a license plate properly.  He drove 1.2 miles while being chased by the police before pulling over.  He refused to get out of the vehicle despite repeated commands by the police for him to get out.  He was warned many times.  A black police officer pepper-sprayed him so that they could get him out of the vehicle.  The man sued.  I heard today that the police officer was fired for excessive use of force.

I don't see that the police did anything wrong.  They have to protect themselves.  In this slightly graphic video, a police officer was shot by a suspect who refused to get out of his vehicle.  He was behaving in a similar manner to the person in the other video, and then he shot the cop.

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