Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Woke Corporatism

Serious question: Who died and made these woke corporations ruler of all, the veritable masters of the universe? Who made them the arbiters of right and wrong? Since when do they get to decide what is an acceptable form of free speech or what election laws should or should not get passed in this country? If you're not half asleep, perhaps you've noticed this dynamic: we are rapidly shifting into a government of, by and for the corporations, with our Constitution being secondary to the corporations' arbitrary, woke one.

Corporations, many of which no longer consider themselves American companies but more global ones, composed of "citizens of the world," have decided to enforce their view of the world onto almost every subject. They don't consider the damage their decision-making does to Main Street, only how much they can line their own pockets—even if they have to use foreign slave labor to do it. 

Now they arrogantly lecture us as though they were paragons of moral uprightness. More than 100 corporate leaders met over this past weekend, from companies such as United Airlines, American Airlines, AMC Theaters, Levi Strauss, and others to discuss their collective opposition to voter integrity laws. 

One reason we have seen so much more of this woke behavior over the last few years is that we are seeing more and more of the indoctrinated youth coming of age after their "educations" in indoctrination centers of higher learning. We can see that influence as they enter the workforce, deciding the rest of the world must be compelled to fit their weird and warped views—ergo the explosion of woke corporatism.

But one of the reasons these corporations feel so empowered is because many on the Right have bought into the idea that corporatism and capitalism are one and the same. They are not. Corporatism, with its crony capitalism, market manipulation and rigging, and incestuous relationship with big government, has nothing to do with free market capitalism. 

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