Monday, May 17, 2021

"He's Your Uncle! Not Your Dad..." By Walter Brennan

Presented for your consideration for historical purposes, a 1960s speech by Walter Brennan.  I liked Walter Brennan as an actor, who appeared in many movies like Rio Bravo, and the TV series, "The Real McCoy's."

Walter Brennan was a member of the John Birch Society and believed in communist conspiracies. He sounds like conspiracy theorists today, but he also makes points about big government and socialism that seem just as applicable to our time. The speech was given to a receptive audience of John Birch Society members.

The speech was made into a record for political purposes.  On the website it is divided into four parts starting with the link "Side one Pt. 1."   Part 3 starts to get a little conspiratorial.

The applause in the recording sounds canned making it come off as very artificial.  However, it can be difficult to record real applause unless you use multiple microphones.

Walter Brennan is a curiosity, because people praised him for being one of the best character actors in Hollywood, while others also criticized him for his extreme conservatism and intense anti-communism.  He tended to think that people who might not have been communists were communists, like John Wayne and Martin Luther King.  In reality, Doctor King rejected pure communism but instead advocated for "Democratic Socialism." 

Walter Brennan was so convinced that Martin Luther King was a communist that he expressed delight over Doctor King's murder.  This caused many to label Walter Brennan "the most evil man in Hollywood" and a racist.  Although I understand his anti-communism and his anti-socialism, his reaction to the murder of Doctor King is just unforgivable.

I also found this just as a curiosity:

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  1. What a wonderful human being. I used to be a fan, not anymore.