Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Biden's 'equity' agenda could lead to 'troublesome debate' in America

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KARL ROVE: We've come as a country to accept that we want every American to have the opportunity to rise. And if there's a need to give special help to those who come from poor circumstances, we're willing to do that as a country.  

That's a very different question to say we don't care where you are financially, but if you are Black or Bown or Asian American, you know what? You get special privileges that other people don't get. And that's going to be a very difficult and, I think troublesome, debate for the country to have. We hide behind the word equity. And that sounds nice, equitable treatment.  

But we had an agreement that we wanted equality, equality of opportunity, equity implies an equality of outcome. And we're going to therefore give aid to people based on the circumstances of their skin color, not simply the circumstances of their other financial background 

Rove: Biden's 'equity' agenda could lead to 'troublesome debate' in America | Fox News

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