Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The end

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Long before the onset of COVID-19, the luminaries of Silicon Valley began advocating for the implementation of universal basic income (UBI). This is the idea that governments should issue checks to all citizens regardless of work, regardless of need, just for being alive - in other words, true and direct socialistic redistribution of wealth, completely disconnected from merit and creation.

Today, it is clear that UBI proponents, along with advocates of job-killing $15-an-hour minimum wage policies, are using the economic destruction wrought by poorly thought out COVID-19 lockdowns, coupled with the psychological effects of constant fearmongering, to try to slip their policies in through the back door.

The scope and permanence of these changes could be enormous. Over the course of 2020, the amount of global work lost was likely equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs. Ultimately, economists at the University of Chicago predict that between 32 percent to 42 percent of COVID-19-related layoffs may end up being "permanent.

Beyond the expedited automation and elimination of jobs, Biden's artificial attempt to drive up the cost of labor is also spurring inflation. Consumer prices were up 4.2 percent in April of this year over April 2020

Therein lies the rub. As the left has been building their socialist bona fides by advocating for "giving out cash with no strings attached," they are - in real time - destroying real opportunities to earn wages, start careers, gain skills, climb the ladder, and live the American Dream. Simultaneously, the chain of events set in motion, if left unchecked, will drive up the cost of living for those the left claims to want to help.

Further consider the fact that America's national debt now sits at $28 trillion and growing, troublingly larger than our country's 2020 GDP of $21.48 trillion. The money dispersed by the federal government today is literally borrowed on the backs of future generations who will struggle to pay it off.

Beyond that, were UBI advocates to get their way with the installment of never-ending cash payments issued from the government to individuals, how would a republic such as the United States sustain itself? Can you have a self-governing country in which a majority of the citizenry is to some degree dependent on government officials for the issuance of a monthly income check?

No, of course not...

To spur real, market-driven wage growth such as that America experienced during the Trump administration before the pandemic, our economy must be fully opened, with no restrictions. Growth must be coaxed through low and consistent tax rates that encourage sound investment on the part of the American people and American businesses. 

Wages will grow and workers will prosper when our economy grows and prospers. But for that to happen, the Biden administration and Congress need to get out of the way and stop destroying opportunities for real growth and advancement.

Biden opens the back door to universal basic income (

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