Saturday, September 18, 2021

Fwd: It Might Be Time For A National Divorce


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It is a delusion to think that there is no difference between the political right and the left.  The left is currently dominated by extremists who claim to want to get rid of capitalism.  They promote violence and intolerance.  They have become so extreme that there is no reconciliation with them.  The best hope for the Republic is that people move away from this extreme or there is a backlash against it.  However, it appears that at least half of the country is becoming more socialist all the time and that this trend isn't going to stop.  The tide has turned against us, and I don't see how we can preserve any resemblance of freedom.  We don't have anything in common with these people and I find their tyranny intolerable.

A country without the far left would divide between more libertarian and less libertarian factions.  Libertarians would have much more influence, even if they were a minority.

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I like and agree with what Matt Walsh says about a National Divorce...

Shorter version...

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