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school board fight

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Cline was elected in November in the first partisan school board elections in the state. She won with overwhelming support, beating out an unaffiliated candidate by a margin of 38 percentage points to represent District 11, which includes pieces of both Salt Lake County — primarily Sandy, South Jordan and Herriman — as well as part of western Utah County.

"I will not give them any ground," she wrote. "I have nothing to apologize for. This is a free country. We can have different beliefs and have a God given right to express those beliefs in the public square. That's okay. What is not okay is trying to destroy other people simply because they believe differently and express those beliefs.

"Let them know that parents want neutral academics taught in class, not social engineering and indoctrination. Let them know that because there is so very much controversy in society surrounding these very issues that that is all the more reason to leave the teaching of values, beliefs, and dispositions to the parents — not teachers,"

Board Rules and State Law parents should know in order to protect your children:

Educators are required to "comply with all federal, state, and local laws" (R277-217-3) which includes the following prohibited conduct (R277-217-2-23) "exclude a student from participating in any program, deny or grant any benefit to a student, or encourage a student to develop a prejudice on the basis of: (a) race; (b) color; (c) creed; (d) sex; (e) national origin; (f) marital status; (g) political or religious belief; (h) physical or mental condition; (i) family, social, or cultural background; (j) sexual orientation; or (k) gender identification;" LEA's are required to report violations to the UPPAC (R277-217-5).

(6) Except as provided in Section 53G-10-202, political, atheistic, sectarian, religious, or
denominational doctrine may not be taught in the public schools. 53-10-402

In them, she alleges that a ninth grade teacher in Riverton taught students about how communism is the best form of government and had them read The 1619 Project. That ongoing initiative from The New York Times Magazine is about the beginning of American slavery and how it drove this country's founders.

"The unit they are in right now is Social Justice. They have discussed gender issues, prejudice in law enforcement, privilege and marginalization, the plight of 'undocumented citizens' and many other volatile issues. She had never taught an alternative point of view other than left-leaning material. This is unacceptable and full-blown indoctrination."

In one post, Cline includes photos that she said she was sent of a Provo classroom where the teacher has colorful art pinned to the walls. One is a rainbow illustration of the Statue of Liberty. Another says, "A woman's place is in the revolution."

Cline describes it as "propaganda everywhere." She encourages parents to get involved in what is taught in the classroom. And what she says doesn't belong: discussion on culture, ethnicity and race theory.

Accusing people of having "conscious or unconscious biases" insinuates that their thoughts are "wrong" simply because they are different than the accuser's own thoughts or "biases". This can be very destructive causing individuals to not be able to trust others or themselves. They begin to live in fear...afraid that these "wrong" thoughts might somehow be detected by others or accidentally spoken causing them to be unjustly condemned or unfairly labeled or categorized as racism.

In one of the Facebook posts they point to, Natalie Cline calls LGBTQ students "gender-confused." In another, she says educators were learning how to "indoctrinate your children" at a conference this month at the Utah Pride Center about accepting all identities in the classroom.

She also referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as "indoctrination." And she suggests that schools are teaching race theory that tells white students they are all biased and always "wrong." In a comment on Jan. 4, Cline added, "We cannot let it in. Not an inch."

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