Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Daily Wire Backstage: Live at the Ryman

The normal Daily Wire Backstage show is just a bunch of people sitting around in a room talking about political issues. To celebrate their relocation from California to Tennessee, they took this discussion to a stage with a very enthusiastic audience. They also added some other bits that are more theatrical. This felt more like a Trump rally. The audience's enthusiasm seems to indicate that this is a political movement that is energetic.

I found the last 20 minutes to be the most interesting. The question of secession came up. It is not that they want to start a civil war, but there is a pervasive sense that the country consists of two sides that cannot agree on much of anything. They think that if this continues then we will no longer have a unified country. For example, they talk about how some states are already resisting federal mandates.

The discussion starts with talking about limiting the power of the Federal Government, but then it also hits many cultural issues.

I think that this is a fascinating discussion.

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