Friday, October 29, 2021

Re: A crazy history of Autism Treatment

Comparing the current "experts" to a past quack is logically a poor connection.  It is saying that the experts were wrong in the past so they are wrong now.

I have defended Fauchi.  The moment he seemed inconsistent about anything or changed his mind then people attacked him as a liar and claimed that everything he ever said was wrong.  They branded him as an authoritarian.  However, Fauchi has been pretty consistent about following the latest research.  I think that sometimes he goes too far, for example by saying that children should wear masks in school.  This probably should be decided on the local level based upon risk assessment.

The attacks on Fauchi seem to equate things that are not equivalent.  We provided a grant to the Wuhan lab for cataloging bat viruses that had nothing to do with gain of function of research.  The lab may have done gain of function research on their own accord, therefore the grant was funding gain of function research.


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