Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Fwd: mRNA in the COVID vaccinations Destroys Your T-Cells


I knew that the Climate Change issue would come up because it has come up before.  I see these two issues as different for multiple reasons.

Climate alarmism depends primarily on as of yet unproven events, especially unproven positive feedback models.  There is some validity to the claims that we will warm the atmosphere by 2 to 3 degrees by the year 2100, although I think that this is still unproven, and I don't see this as a disaster whereas many are claiming that it will be.  Predictions of disaster depend upon events that will take hundreds of years when reportedly we will run out of most fossil fuels in 40 to 80 years.

I have put more research into the climate issue than what would normally be reasonable because think that the issue is critically important to the human race going forward.  I have made an effort to confirm the claims on both sides.  However, I think that the claims of disaster are short-term and lack context compared to the long history of the Earth.

I don't see the climate issue as a massive cabal involving thousands of conspirators.  I see it as a small group of left-wing green political activists, especially on the IPCC, pushing an agenda.  I have reasonably good evidence from their statements that they are biased and not impartial.  Therefore I think that the scientific "consensus" has been exaggerated.  Many qualified people are dissenting from the so-called "consensus."

In the case of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we already know that 5.33 million people have died from the disease.  This is not some prediction of 5 million people dying in the distant future by hypothetical events that we have decades to prepare for, although it is still possible that millions more will die.  

We already know that one out of every 402 Americans has died from the disease.

According to the stats, between 5 and 8 thousand people are dying from this disease every day.  Around a thousand of those are in the United States.  This is an ongoing event that is happening right now.  This is like a new 9-11 every three days.

Meanwhile, 8.5 billion COVID vaccination shots have been given.  Therefore we have a pretty good idea of the safety profile of the vaccines which are being tracked very carefully, and multiple peer review studies are showing their safety and efficacy.   When you say, "Time will tell.", what hell do you expect to happen?  Do you think that 5 million people are going to drop dead from the vaccines?   It is not going to happen.  There are far more people who have been vaccinated than have gotten the disease, so we know that the vaccines are far safer than COVID-19 itself.  I should add "so far", but the products of the vaccine reportedly are cleared out of our system in 1 to 3 days.  There is no reason to think that many months later people are going to get sick from the vaccine when the vaccines have been out for a year.

Who you trust is a side issue in regards to whether the vaccine is safer than the disease.  Even if you distrust the people in authority, it is hard to deny that the vaccine is far safer than the disease.  You send me videos of people with questionable or no credentials who offer no evidence at all.  Without evidence, their views are just opinions.  Where are the peer review studies?

My sister, the doctor, has seen patients refuse to get the vaccine and then die from COVID-19.  Do you think that my sister is a liar who is part of an international cabal of people who are trying to get you to take an unsafe vaccine?  Almost any doctor will tell you the same story.

It distresses me that a significant number of anti-vaxers are causing more people to die.  They don't seem to grasp the numbers involved.   This is one of the most important issues of our time.  It is at least as important as climate change.

Natural immunity will only take you so far.  At most a year.  Probably less.  There has been so much much reinfection that it seems likely that you will get COVID again.  You put your health at risk.

However, there is a wrinkle in all of this...

Reportedly,  the Omicron variant is far less deadly and more infectious, and more resistant to vaccines.  If it spreads as predicted, then pretty much everyone is going to get exposed to it.  Reportedly, infected people who have been vaccinated have milder symptoms.  This might serve as a natural vaccine in the same way cowpox protects from smallpox.  (The word vaccine comes from the word "Vacca" meaning "cow".)  If it becomes the dominant variant as predicted then this could be a problem that solves itself.  COVID will turn into a disease on par with the flu.

There is a joke about how Alec Baldwin has killed more people than the Omicron variant.  

However, the death rate from the flu, which is around 0.1%, is far greater than any vaccine.  It is much worse in older people.  One of my chess-playing friends in Utah, an older man, died from the flu a few days before I left Utah.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

What is added by this report?

During December 2020–July 2021, COVID-19 vaccine recipients had lower rates of non–COVID-19 mortality than did unvaccinated persons after adjusting for age, sex, race and ethnicity, and study site.


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