Wednesday, August 3, 2022

"People’s Rights are Disappearing," 'Star Wars' Show Introducing "Trumpian World" - Inside the Magic

Those who are more likely to favor government control complain about those who are less likely to favor centralized power as being like an Evil Empire?  Somehow the analogy doesn't quite fit, and I wonder if their wrong headed analogy might backfire?

A few people regard the political right as no more freedom loving than the political left, and even though some people on the right don't always side with freedom, I think that the overall difference is huge. 

 BTW, the Andor series suddenly has been delayed a month pushing it back to late September.  I wonder if last minute editing or reshoots are taking place?  I wonder if Disney learned its lesson from the colossal failure of Lightyear?  Go woke, go broke. 

I am actually looking forward to the Andor series, as I do all Star Wars series.  They all may not be perfect, and they might have an occasional thinly disguised political message, but on average the quality of these shows have been really good. 

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On Wed, Aug 3, 2022 at 5:11 PM John Coffey wrote:
Fiona Shaw shared with Empire that series writer Tony Gilroy has infused a "Trumpian" theme into the show:

"Tony has written a great, scurrilous [take] on the Trumpian world. Our world is exploding in different places right now, people's rights are disappearing, and Andor reflects that. [In the show] the Empire is taking over, and it feels like the same thing is happening in reality, too."

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