Sunday, March 19, 2023

Adverse Reactions from vaccines

Two days ago, MP Andrew Bridgen gave a passionate speech in the British Parliament about the harm caused by COVID-19 vaccines and made statistical claims that a person was more likely to be harmed by the vaccines than the disease they are trying to prevent.  This speech was followed by a rebuttal from another Member of Parliament.

The speech was replayed on Dr. John Campbell's Youtube channel.  The comment section from his video was at least a hundred to one in support of the anti-vaccine position.  I tried to add my own comments, but they were apparently deleted, twice.

There is a big misunderstanding about what is meant by Adverse Events and the systems in place to report them.  If you get a vaccine and then die in an auto accident, that doesn't mean that one event caused the other.  People are claiming that thousands of people have been killed by the COVID vaccine because they assume that all adverse events were induced by vaccination.  However, if you give the vaccine to hundreds of millions of people, some of them were going to have adverse events regardless of whether they were vaccinated or not.  This is especially true of the elderly and people living in nursing homes.

I have looked at several peer-reviewed scientific studies on the safety of mRNA vaccines.  The vaccines are not completely risk-free, but the rate of adverse events attributable to the vaccine is very low.  The rate of myocarditis is about 1 in 50,000.  Roughly 90% of these cases were mild and easily treatable.  According to one study, you were about a thousand times more likely to get myocarditis from the COVID-19 disease than you were from the vaccine.

A study claimed that the rate of excess deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine is about 1 in a million.  Such a low number might be considered random noise.  This is roughly the same chance of you being hit by lightning this year.  In your lifetime, you have a 1 in 93 chance of dying in an automobile accident.

The data actually shows that you are significantly less likely to die if you are vaccinated.  This is the bottom line when it comes to vaccine safety.

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