Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Scott Adams

I would love for Scott Adams to be able to redeem himself, but I don't think he is helping himself. He comes off as fringe.

People are only watching because Scott Adams is a great satirist who made a great comic strip. However, he overestimates his importance and his ability to hold an audience. He sees himself as a spokesman over controversial issues, but his meandering rants are at least partially sleep-inducing. I think that he will find himself rapidly becoming less relevant. The more people talk about race, the more we build walls between people. I agree with Morgan Freeman who said that we should stop talking about it.  

Some Blacks have said worse things about Whites. I think that the best thing Scott Adams could do is to claim that he was engaging in Satire and that people didn't get the joke.

He doesn't think that he made a mistake.  He should acknowledge that he did something wrong.

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