Friday, May 26, 2023

IPCC pressure tactics exposed: "Hide the decline."

John Coffey
1 minute ago
As much as I am a climate alarmism skeptic, what I gather from the video is that the most recent tree ring data is aberrant from the actual temperature data and other proxies.  So they threw out the data that didn't match recent reality as they understood it from the temperature data.  There was no "decline" if you believe the temperature data is correct.

However, they replaced the missing data with fake data making all the data appear to agree.   They simply could have excluded the tree ring data because of its apparent unreliability.

Many people have called into question the temperature record, because of the urban heat island effect.  I also have heard that roughly half of all temperature data is not data at all but estimates based on models.  This leads to apparent circular reasoning where the models are based on data, but some of the data is based on models.  Why isn't this a problem?

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