Thursday, October 26, 2023

Genocidal Youth

Overall, Americans overwhelmingly support Israel over Hamas. A whopping 84 percent of respondents told pollsters they favored Israel, while just 16 percent favored Hamas. Among older Americans over 65, an astounding 95 percent supported Israel, and just 5 percent said their sympathies lie with Hamas. But among young people age 18 to 24, things looked quite differently.

Just 52 percent of this group said they supported Israel, while 48 percent said they supported Hamas. Yes, that's right: Nearly half of young respondents said they side with the terrorist group that just earlier this month purposefully targeted and slaughtered innocent civilians, including women, children, and infants, in a chilling and sadistic manner.

You'd hope for the sake of the future of our country that these young people are somehow supporting Hamas despite the group's violent actions. But you'd be wrong. In an even more shocking finding, the Harvard-Harris poll revealed that 51 percent of 18 to 24 year olds said Hamas's violence against Israeli civilians was justified, while just 49 percent don't think so

Here's where things get... strange. In the same poll, 62 percent of young respondents agree that what Hamas did to Israel was "genocidal." So, a hefty chunk of young people in this country believe that genocide against Israeli civilians is justified. What the hell?

This is not normal. Such a moral perversion is not an organic belief that naturally emerges among decent people. On the contrary, it's in large part the consequence of a corrosive and malevolent "social justice" ideology that's being spoon-fed to young Americans on college campuses.

In this depraved worldview, which Elon Musk has dubbed the "woke mind virus," the world is divided into two groups of people: oppressors and oppressed. Black people, for example, are oppressed in America. So, under this lens, Black Americans cannot be racist: They can only be victims of racism.

Meanwhile, "misgendering" someone is violence, even though it doesn't actually involve any violence. Actual violence in response to this speech is justified as "self-defense."

Truth, and therefore morality, is subjective, in this worldview. Hence the normalization of the innocuous-sounding but actually Orwellian phrase "my truth," "your truth," or "his truth."

This heierarchy-obssessed perspective does not actually describe reality. In the real world, there are shades of grey. 

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