Saturday, May 11, 2024

Protests documents and weapons

Armed struggle is enshrined in law," showed one confiscated pamphlet. Another, "We are not satisfied with co-existence."

Going beyond extremist and violent rhetoric, weapons were discovered. Chains, steel cables and buckets of rocks were found and subsequently confiscated by authorities at UT Austin demonstrations last month.

More documents obtained by Fox News purportedly "celebrat[e] the death of innocent Jews and the elimination of Israel."

Of 79 arrested at UT Austin, 45 were not affiliated with the University. LaJeunesse reported that experts believe "extremist documents lure students in using their sympathy for Palestinians to introduce more extreme views."

At UCLA on Monday, campus police detained 40 anti-Israel protesters who had metal pipes, chains, epoxy padlocks and documents encouraging vandalism on their persons.

Flags representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine are present at most college campus protests nationwide, which the DNI classifies as a "Syria-based terrorist group.

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