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Re: Catastrophe for Conservatives, But Not the End

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Yes, life goes on. But there's one comment you made that really surprises me:

>> How are the Republican alienating Hispanics? By wanting the laws of this nation to be enforced.

Most Latinos are law abiding citizens, but the laws of emigration that the Republicans want enforced, appear to be specifically targeting them.  There's just something distasteful when certain laws seem to be designed to target just one group of people.  Of course they're gonna get defensive about it. 

Especially since so many other laws seem to go unenforced, it appears to be arbitrary, which laws are enforced and which aren't.  Then along comes the Republican party, and they complain that EPA laws, and that restrictions on big money and big oil are unjust,  BUT emigration must be strictly enforced (because it targets Latinos (that would be their take on it)). 

To them, the message of the Republican party is Let's help everyone become as rich as they can be and get rid of laws that stand in the way of that, but let's throw the Latinos out of the country, and deny them of any opportunities.  From their point of view it's just downright racist to single out their minority for draconian measures. 

That is how the Republicans are alienating Hispanics.

David Wendel

The vast majority of Republicans have no problem with people who are here legally.  They also have no problem with people who vote legally, but I heard repeatedly Democrats say that Republicans want to deny voting rights and that Republicans are anti-immigrant.  Democrats win elections by lying about Republicans. 

Republicans do not arbitrarily pick and choose laws.   They want to get rid of laws that don't make sense while complaining about the Democrat's unwillingness to enforce the laws that do.  

John Coffey
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