Thursday, November 8, 2012

Re: Catastrophe for Conservatives, But Not the End


I find your comments a bit appalling for the following reasons:

Let us say there is a law on the books that just isn't right, say for example how the federal government won't allow us to tap into the cleanest coal in the world in southern Utah. No Republican is going to say that we should just ignore the law, break it, or not enforce it.  Instead they would say that we should change the law by legal means.  On the other hand, the Democrats have flaunted the immigration laws and chosen to selectively not enforce them, and have actually sued states who tried to enforce them.  

Which laws are the Republicans specifically targeting Hispanics?  I don't see laws specifically targeting legal citizens.    

It is the Democrats who have tried to confuse the terminology by calling illegal aliens immigrants (and "undocumented workers") and constantly pushing the notion that the immigration laws are anti-Hispanic.  It is Democrats who have tried to game the system by deliberately not enforcing immigration laws and being against very reasonable voter ID laws.   This is a ploy to increase their voter base.  i.e. Obama said that he wants to give all illegals a path to citizenship.  

It is the duty of the government to control our borders, especially in the dangerous world that we live in.  

Let us consider a hypothetical scenario:  Let say that someone wanted to allow a hundred million people to come to the U.S. or have a completely open border (as the libertarians do).  I don't consider it impossible that a hundred million people would come to the U.S.  I think that this many would come if they had the means and it were possible to do so.  See this video.  The United States is, after all, the land of opportunity and plenty.  But I don't think that any reasonable person would say that we can absorb a hundred million immigrants per year.  It would overwhelm our resources and everybody knows that.  I have always been very concerned about population explosion.  Also see this video.

Given that this is the case, then we have to have laws that set a limit on many people can come here.  I am willing to consider changes to those limits, but the laws are absolutely worthless if we don't enforce those laws.  Therefore we have to have a means in place to enforce those laws and not ignore them.  People who break these laws are not people who are rightfully here, but criminals who should be deported.

What is troubling, if not an insult to us, is your assertion that controlling our borders, having rule of law, or even mentioning the words "illegal immigrant" are somehow targeting Hispanics and/or being racist, or that the laws are somehow "draconian."  What makes these laws Draconian?

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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