Monday, April 8, 2013

Re: Poetic Justice

Is this not a straw man argument by saying "that many on the political left would like to erase and rewrite "   That may be true for some, but the proposed legislation isn't to abolish guns altogether. 

John Coffey


Because some creep is at the door, turning the knob. And she's alone and rightfully afraid. But she has a gun in her hand.


And thanks to the Second Amendment that many on the political left would like to erase and rewrite — by using horrific tragedies like Sandy Hook to wipe the Constitution of irritants — Maya Angelou was able to defend herself.


That's right. She defended herself with a firearm.


Maya Angelou got her gun. And now that she's talked about it, she teaches us a lesson about making assumptions.


Angelou, the literary icon and famed poet and "Star Trek" fan, told Time magazine in a recent interview that she likes having guns around. Her comments must have been the last thing that gun controllers wanted to see…


ANGELOU: Well, I do like to have guns around. I don't like to carry them. But if somebody is going to come into my house, and I have not put out the welcome mat, I want to stop them.'


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