Sunday, April 7, 2013

Statism is slavery. Moral arguments.

Anarchy is gaining some momentum.  The general argument is that the harm created by governments is much greater than the benefit.

The problem that i have with these videos is that I think that anarchy is a completely unworkable system.  You cannot play any sport without some rules and referees to enforce these rules.

it is the nature of human beings to want and take what other people have.  This is why governments were formed in the first place.  Because we have swung to the other extreme, this is also one of the problems that we have now where government has become a license to steal.  However, if you take away government, you would create a huge power vacuum.  It is the nature of human beings to want to fill that power vacuum, and organized crime would be happy to step in.  (I could see large powerful corporations getting into a turf war with organized crime.)

Not everyone is independent enough and capable enough to function in a society without rules.

I think that I would prefer a semi-benign dictatorship to anarchy, because at least you would have rule of law.

An ideal government is one that limits its harm to society while performing its primary role, which is to protect people's rights.

John Coffey

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