Friday, April 22, 2016


It has long been my belief that people's political views are about what they are against as opposed to what they are for.  If people were perfectly happy then there would be little need for politics because there would be little need for change.  People will express what they are for, but usually because they are against something else.  For this reason, peoples views tend to be very one sided.  For example, how people react to the way Israel treats the Palestinians, or vice-versa.

People think that Noam Chomsky is a genius.  I think that he is way too one sided, usually blaming the United States for everything, completely out of context to anything bad done by anyone else.  I think that his delusions are genius.  People like Michael Moore sort of fit into this category.

People have much more certainty about what they are against, because when they express what they are for, it is often logically lacking.  Sometimes the solutions to problems are just as bad or worse.  I am thinking of Bernie Sanders here.  

Are there problems that need to be solved?  Certainly.  But now more than ever I see a tendency for people to want to go to the extremes.  My first reaction to this is to think that people must be more unhappy than ever before.  This is true, but I think that another factor is that people have lost sight of the founding principles of this country, which are based upon economic and personal freedom.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

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