Friday, January 19, 2018


"You talk in a manner that exudes confidence, so it would be easy to be sucked into the idea that everything you say is correct and infalible. 

Often you make interesting comments, so I want to share those with friends, but lately I found that I can't because of racist statements.  Let's be clear on this, claiming that Whites have on average higher IQs than Blacks is a racist statement.  I have seen actual hate groups claim the same thing.  You state that there is scientific validity to this, but so did the Nazis in what Winston Churchill called "Perverted Science."

Scores on IQ tests can be affected by a large number of variables, which really makes the racial assertion unprovable.  Such statements are dangerous.  They create bias in people who might otherwise have none.  People are people, and we should not be trying to draw lines between people that will only divide us and create conflict.  All persons should be treated on the basis of their individual merits, and drawing any kind of distinction between race will cause people to make premature assumptions about other people. 

In a hundred years the social and economic conditions will have changed so radically, along with demographic shifts, that I doubt that you could make the same argument then.

Even if there is a sound scientific argument for genetic racial differences in IQ, it is better to leave such arguments alone.  There is very little constructive that can come from it, which only serves to divide our society and create racial tension.  In your pursuit of the truth, I think that you have fallen to the dark side.  I beg of you to drop this narrative and realize that it serves a greater good to not stir the pot of racism. 

What I expected from this video is to get an analysis of Haiti's complex political and economic history, but you ignore all this and give us a simplistic answer about IQ differences.    There really are environmental, economic and political factors that have affected Haiti's development, so the analogy to a failed theory of disease transmission is a weak one."


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