Friday, January 19, 2018

The Last Jedi is SJW Crap According to Ben Shapiro

The term alt-right has taken on a different meaning than it originally had, because now it usually references the more extreme and often racist nut cases.  However, I think that the extreme alt right is pretty much irrelevant to the discussion of whether or not TLJ had some Social Justice Warrior messages, because extreme alt right are easy straw men to knock down.  Of course The Last Jedi  has some Social Justice Warrior messages, as my non-extremist friends keep reminding me as to why they don't like the movie or are at least bothered by it.

I think that Social Justice Warrior message in the Last Jedi is pretty obvious, and to say that it doesn't have it is to deny reality.  For me it is only a minor distraction.  Many movies have political messages in them, sometimes overt, and I don't let this get in the way.   I found The Last Jedi thoroughly entertaining and emotionally moving.  I especially like the way the movie defied all audience expectations.

There is, of course, a political divide, between those who see SJW messages as normal, and those on the other side who feel like they are being lectured to.  I certainly did, but I didn't care that much.


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