Friday, November 13, 2015

Re: Wake up America


Population growth will eventually stretch our resources.  At what point do we say that we have enough people in this country?  Say 400 million?  500 million?  How about a billion?  That is how population dense Europe is, which is equivalent to a United States with a billion people.

I have no doubt that population can grow slowly, because technology will allow us to support a larger population.  Some people say we have plenty of land, but if that is so then why do houses sell for $800,000?  The fact is that the best and most preferred areas are already taken.

The greater our population is, the thinner our resources we be.  We can cope, but land, food, water and other resources will be in higher demand making the cost go up.  If it costs more to live, then we are more impoverished.

Some say that immigrants contribute to our economy, and many of them do, but I have heard that around 60% are getting government subsidies.  There is a limit to how fast we can absorb people because our economy has to grow to support the extra population.  I feel especially bad about legal and illegal immigration when so many people are out of work.   

I also think that immigration the way it is now is importing poverty.  I have personally seen crime by immigrants and threats toward me.  Go to court in Salt Lake City and you will see that the vast majority of criminal cases are hispanic.

There are two factions in the United States that support increased immigration:  Democrats who know that immigrants who become citizens will likely vote Democrat, and business owners who want cheap labor.

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John, what's your take on this?