Monday, January 31, 2022

Fact check: Comirnaty, Pfizer's FDA-approved vaccine, available in US

The FDA authorized Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in December. Eight months later, the agency fully approved the shot for most Americans.

The authorization changed, but the vaccine didn't. Comirnaty is simply the brand name for Pfizer's shot.

"The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty ... for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older," the FDA wrote in an Aug. 23 press release about the shot's approval.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Linus says adblock is piracy: is he right?

Some interesting moral considerations.  When I first bought TIVO to record television, it came with a 30-second skip button, which I found wonderful for skipping commercials.  The advertisers were up in arms over this and eventually pressured TIVO to remove the feature.  (I think that it may have been removed during a software update.)  The advertisers claimed that there was an implied contract with the TV viewers to watch commercials to pay for content.

I put the Separatist Droid Army March theme over the Robot Dog army & Amazon Blimp

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Canadians Protest

I have been loosely following this.   Been hard to keep up because I've been preoccupied with other things.

On Fri, Jan 28, 2022 at 10:21 PM al  wrote:
Truck driver caravan heads to Parliment

Thursday, January 27, 2022

COVID-19: A Second Opinion

There are few people I can share this with.  Many would take this as confirmation of anti-vax and pro alternative treatments that aren't necessarily proven to work.  They would take it as confirmation of a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies.

I think that there is a danger in using anecdotal evidence.  Emotions take over.  Although I am no expert, I have tried to look at peer-reviewed studies whenever possible.

In reality, everyone wants effective treatments for COVID.  If such treatments were really effective, we would know.

Omicron BA. 2 will displace BA. 1

I think that this is interesting.

Data scientist DESTROYS the BLM narrative | Larry Elder

Brianna Keilar rolls the tape on Fox’s Covid-19 vaccine misinformation -

It should be pointed out that Fox News just doesn't take one side...

Re: Offensive picture of Roosevelt on Horseback

On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 1:23 PM Larry wrote:

Maybe instead of removing the statue of roosevelt at the museum of natural history (that his father helped found), because it had an American-Indian and African-American standing next to him....they should just remove the American-Indian and African-American standing next to him.

Looking at the statue, it is hard to know the intent of the person making it.  I could see where somebody might think that it was racist.  Looking at the other sculptures of James Earle Fraser, I don't see racist intent.  If anything, he was very supportive of Native Americans.

I don't agree with the relocation of the statue.  We have turned into a society of naval gazers.

The other question I have is whether the statue is historically accurate?  I know for a fact that Teddy Roosevelt fought alongside Black soldiers in the Spanish American War.

Some of these wars that the United States was involved in were pretty questionable.  Teddy Roosevelt comes across as a brash character, but there is no question that he is an important historical figure.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Simple Genius of the Interstate Highway System

Netflix Collapse Continues! Down 100 BILLION Dollars & Woke Programming To Blame!

sprawl is not the biggest concern to people seeking a better life

Here's What I Learned (COVID) - Youtube


I think that there is little danger of us getting into a shooting war. I'm thinking that should sanction aggressive countries. I might feel differently if Ukraine was part of our national interest, but I don't think that it is.

I think that Putin's gamble was that we would give him the concessions he wants. This might turn out badly for him if he actually invades Ukraine.

China is so terrible on human rights that I feel strongly that we should slowly phase out trade with them. We could impose a 5 to 10% tariff that increases indefinitely 5 to 10% per year until China is willing to respect human rights more. We could demand that they be more open about the origins of COVID.

We are currently very dependent on trade with China, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't adapt. We could bring manufacturing home, and trade with other countries with cheap labor, like Mexico.

Best wishes,

John Coffey

On Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 12:11 PM Albert > wrote:

More people have invaded the United States as compared to Ukraine in the past year. Even if the Russians invade, Ukraine will have fewer "illegal aliens" than we have.

On a serious note, we need to be careful how we handle the Russian/ Ukraine situation. No one is going to support the use of troops. No one is going to support the casualties we'll suffer if we send in troops. Keep in mind we weren't able to beat the Taliban with the best military with top-of-the-line equipment. Imagine how "well" we would do against a modern equally equipped military force. Maybe, not so good.

Mass release of single adult male illegal aliens on video

Large numbers of single adult illegal immigrants are being released and transported into the U.S. in Texas via a small, unmarked office in a parking lot, video caught by Fox News on Sunday shows.

Fox News footage shows several federally contracted buses dropping off dozens of mostly male migrants at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas. Black tarps were set up with a makeshift sign said "Border Patrol drop-off" above it

Fox witnessed men go into a small, unmarked office, then re-emerge moments later as multiple taxi cabs then showed up to collect the migrants -- who were then shuttled off to nearby Harlingen Airport. There were no children or migrant families among the groups.

Several of the migrants told Fox that they had crossed illegally that morning, paying approximately $2,000 per person to cartel smugglers. They also said they were flying to destinations including Miami, Houston and Atlanta.

Single adults are typically being expelled via Trump-era Title 42 public health protections. The Biden administration kept Title 42 in place but is not applying it to unaccompanied children or most migrant families. However, single adults have long been the easiest category of migrant to deport.

In a statement to Fox News, the city of Brownsville said its Office of Emergency Management, through federal assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), works to facilitate "the transfer of these migrants to their final destination by allowing them to use services to contact their families, NGOs, or a taxicab."

It confirmed that the parking garage serves as a staging area for migrants to be given travel information to "facilitate their transfer to their final destinations." Migrants can also be given a health screening there, a spokesperson said.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said its agency was not involved in the release. An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) source who viewed the footage said they believed it was an ICE release.

The development comes just as CBP officially released its December border numbers -- showing 178,840 encounters in December, a slight increase over November, but significantly higher than the 73,994 encountered in December 2020

Hateful Whitey Binds Her Feet - The American Conservative

Monday, January 24, 2022

Re: 37%


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I came back from the NOA tournament in Las Vegas with a full car due to Tony Padron's accident where his car was no longer drivable, but he and his passengers were all ok, so they drove down and back with me.  Winter accidents due to snow and ice are frequent but normally less sever than dry road accidents.  Anyway, everyone in my car got Covid except me.  I tested negative and have had the Molina booster.  Tony was never vaccinated, since he moved here recently from Saint George where folks have never taken it very seriously.  We stopped at a restaurant there where I noticed that none of the workers wore masks.  
On 01/20/2022 12:55 PM John wrote:

Results We included 3,442 Omicron-positive cases, 9,201 Delta-positive cases, and 471,545 test-negative controls. After 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine effectiveness against Delta infection declined steadily over time but recovered to 93% (95%CI, 92-94%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. In contrast, receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% (95%CI, 19-50%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose

Conclusions Two doses of COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to protect against infection by Omicron. A third dose provides some protection in the immediate term, but substantially less than against Delta. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

It's Time to Live

Jordan Peterson Finally Shares His Views On The Pandemic

New technology could lead to coal without

The great deception of the last 40 years is that we need to reduce carbon emissions.   

Iron Fertilization can reduce atmospheric CO2 levels as much as we want, but there is no immediate need for it.,surface%20to%20stimulate%20phytoplankton%20production.&text=Large%20algal%20blooms%20can%20be,blooms%20can%20nourish%20other%20organisms.

Nature can handle pollution up to a certain point until it becomes too much for nature to handle.  Increased CO2 levels have benefited the environment due to increased plant growth.   An argument can be made that plants were CO2 starved.  We don't want to throw away something that is actually very beneficial.

Weather-related deaths are down 98% over the last 100 years.  Cold kills more people than heat.

I don't consider CO2 a pollutant until it becomes too much.  That might be in the 800 to 1000 PPM range.  Long before we reach that point, we will be running out of most fossil fuels and Nuclear Fusion will likely be a reality.

On Thu, Jan 20, 2022, at 2:09 AM Larry  wrote:

China's Ugly, Disturbing yet Open Secret

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Results We included 3,442 Omicron-positive cases, 9,201 Delta-positive cases, and 471,545 test-negative controls. After 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine effectiveness against Delta infection declined steadily over time but recovered to 93% (95%CI, 92-94%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. In contrast, receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% (95%CI, 19-50%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose

Conclusions Two doses of COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to protect against infection by Omicron. A third dose provides some protection in the immediate term, but substantially less than against Delta. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

What is the price of Lasagna?

I'm a big fin of this lasagna. For years the price was $3. Recently the price went up to $3.52, so I thought this is due to inflation, nothing I can do about it. I put in a Walmart curbside pickup order last night, and the lasagna was priced at $4.68. Either we have a big bout of monetary inflation, which we do, or there is a shortage of the product. Today it is listed out of stock so the shortage theory applies. Rather than pay $4.68 for what is a single serving for me, I ordered the Walmart brand, which I don't like as much but it is okay. That is the normal reaction to price inflation. Sometimes people choose cheaper alternatives.


ideology trends since 1992

I think that these political labels have fuzzy definitions, but the survey is based on people's self indentification.

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From: Larry 

Steadily 20$% of moderates became liberals

A moderate dominated democrat party became evenly split for 4 years then became liberal dominated

Conservative dominated Republicans became overwhelmingly conservative

Independent relatively unchanged

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Vaccines don't protect against the spread of the disease?

I am hearing repeatedly the misinformation that the COVID vaccines don't protect against the spread of COVID.  What if this is true?  My response to things like this is to try to find as much information as possible.

After looking at a number of sources, I conclude that it is all relative.  If you are vaccinated then you are less likely to catch the disease and spread it, but this is less effective against the Delta variant.  Still, you have about 75% protection against the Delta variant, but this could wane after 3 months.  Against the Omicron Variant, you can get pretty good protection with a booster, but two vaccinations might not be enough.  This protection might also wane in 3 months, 

However, vaccinations give longer-lasting protection against severe disease.  Being vaccinated is much better off than not being vaccinated.

Personally, I would be happy to get a booster every three months or get the new vaccine for the Omicron variant.

You are much more likely to be hospitalized if you are unvaccinated.  

Vaccines protect against the spread of COVID:

Vaccines offer some protection against the spread of COVID:

Vaccines help protect against the spread of the Delta Variant:

Vaccines protect against the spread of the Delta variant but for only 3 months:

Vaccines are 75% effective against the Delta Variant:

Breakthrough infections only occur in a small proportion of vaccinated people:

Vaccines are safe and effective.  Less effective against variants:

A large number of cases are among the unvaccinated:

Vaccines do not prevent spread within households, but unvaccinated more likely:

Vaccinated people carry less infectious virus particles:

Boosters protect against Omicron:

Booster protection against Omicron wanes in 10 weeks but prevents severe disease.

Omicron Vaccine might be ready by March:

Monday, January 10, 2022

Levin points out the real insurrection that took place

It appears that from videos that the majority of people who entered the Capitol Building were not violent, but a few were.  Conservative sources claim that because these people were not armed that it was not an insurrection and that our system of government was never under threat.  However, even if the number of violent people was a small number, in my opinion, that is still an insurrection.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Tucker Carlson: NPR is destroying itself from within | Fox News

Biden administration guidance prioritizes race in administering COVID drugs

One such "risk factor" is being a race or ethnicity that is not White due to "longstanding systemic health and social inequities."

"Non-white race or Hispanic/Latino ethnicity should be considered a risk factor, as longstanding systemic health and social inequities have contributed to an increased risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19," the memo reads.

In guidelines issued by the state of Utah for the distribution of monoclonal antibodies in the state, residents who are "non-white race or Hispanic/Latinx ethnicity" receive 2 additional points when calculating their "COVID-19 risk score."

"Race/ethnicity continues to be a risk factor for severe COVID-19 disease, and the Utah COVID Risk Score is one approach to address equitable access to hard hit communities," the Utah guidance stated, adding a reminder that national guidance from the FDA "specifically states that race and ethnicity may be considered when identifying patients most likely to benefit from this lifesaving treatment."

A healthcare worker attaches an IV infusion to a patient's hand during a monoclonal antibody treatment in the parking lot at Wayne Health Detroit Mack Health Center in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., on Thursday, Dec. 23, 2021. 

Similarly, the framework issued by the state of Minnesota advises clinicians and health systems to "consider heightened risk of progression to severe COVID-19 associated with race and ethnicity when determining eligibility" for the allocation for monoclonal antibody therapies.

"FDA's acknowledgment means that race and ethnicity alone, apart from other underlying health conditions, may be considered in determining eligibility for mAbs," the framework states. "It is ethically appropriate to consider race and ethnicity in mAb eligibility decisions when data show elevated risk of poor COVID-19 outcomes for Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC populations), and that this risk cannot be adequately addressed by determining eligibility based on underlying health conditions (perhaps due to underdiagnosis of health conditions that elevate risk of poor COVID-19 outcomes in these populations)."

Friday, January 7, 2022

Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill in "Conversation"

He gives the person's name before the quote, although I would have done it the other way around.

Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count

Fact correcting a supreme court justice during oral arguments

During oral arguments on the Biden administration's mandate on private businesses for employees to be either vaccinated or frequently tested, Sotomayor drastically overstated the number of young people who have fallen severely ill from coronavirus.

"We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we've never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators," she said.

While there are more children hospitalized now than at any point during the pandemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the seven-day average of pediatric hospitalizations was around 3,700 this week, according to the Washington Post. As with prior strains of the virus, younger people are at far less risk than old ones of severe outcomes from the coronavirus.

"Fact-checkers. Hello?" Fox News contributor Joe Concha asked in response to Sotomayor.

"Justice Sotomayor’s comment on 100,000 children in serious condition with covid is such a flagrantly untrue statement she should have to correct it after the argument. It’s embarrassing for the Supreme Court to allow that factual inaccuracy to occur in an oral argument," OutKick's Clay Travis tweeted.

Coronavirus Deranges the Immune System in Complex and Deadly Ways

“Covid is deranging the immune system,” said John Wherry, director of the Penn Medicine Immune Health Institute and another co-author of the January study. “Some patients, from their very first visit, seem to have an immune system in hyperdrive.

Although doctors are researching ways to overcome immune disorders in covid patients, new treatments will take time to develop. Scientists are still trying to understand why some immune cells become hyperactive — and why some refuse to stand down when the battle is over."

How the World Stopped Fearing China

Omicron from mice

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Can the Police STOP You For.... - YouTube


This is regarding all the anti-vax people.  In the United States, this was originally around 20% of the population but now it might be slightly less.  (   There are some unwilling to take the COVID vaccine who otherwise would not be anti-vaccine.  However, around 40% of the U.S. population is still not fully vaccinated.

An individual who is anti-vax might not catch the disease, or if they do they might not spread it to other people, but statistics say that they do catch the disease then they are likely to spread it to multiple people.  The anti-vax crowd as a whole is causing more people to get sick and die by spreading the disease, but also by spreading a great deal of misinformation.  I routinely get emails from friends with completely absurd statements about the vaccines that are not backed by science and are easily debunked.  People follow this information like it was the gospel truth.  So-called experts lacking any form of relevant credentials promote this information without backing it up with any convincing evidence or peer-reviewed studies.  When you look at the particulars of the claims being made, they fall apart quickly.  Yet, if you try to confront people with evidence, they just double down on their anti-vax position.

My frustration with the anti-vax crowd is turning to anger.  I have more than one family member who would most likely die if they were to catch COVID-19.  The anti-vax people care a great deal about their risk with the vaccines, which is so minuscule that it is hardly worth mentioning, but they don't seem to care at all about the much greater and very real risk to other people.  If the death rate of the disease were around 25%, I don't think that we would be having this discussion, but since the death rate is only around 2% for known cases, it is in an area where people start to think that it is not important.  Because the disease mostly kills the elderly and people with comorbidities, I often hear the excuse that those people would have died anyway.  However, those people's lives still matter, and they most likely would live years with whatever medical conditions they have.  They don't deserve to have their lives cut short by a mostly preventable disease.

In the year 2020, we had 20% more deaths than normal. 

There is much misinformation floating around about how the vaccines don't prevent you from getting the disease, nor prevent you from spreading it.  However, the data shows that vaccinated people are much less likely to get the disease, spread it, have severe symptoms, get hospitalized, and die.  Getting any vaccine is playing the odds; it doesn't fully protect you, but it is far better than nothing.

People are confused because the immunity from the vaccines has waned over time and the vaccines are less effective against the variants.  However, we always knew that any form of immunity would wane over time and that eventually we would need boosters.  The vaccines were designed to combat the original COVID-19 disease, against which they are incredibly effective.  We always knew that variants could arise and that we might need different or modified vaccines.


Best wishes,

John Coffey

Daily COVID Cases

First, we set a record with 313,000 new daily cases. It dropped for a couple of days, but then we got numbers of 339,000, 572,000, and 443,000.

COVID Antibodies | How Long Do They Last?